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Writing Coaching

What is writing coaching?

Every writer needs a reader! The Writing Center’s writing coaches work one-on-one with students from across campus on all kinds of writing projects, at every stage of the writing process.

Face-to-face coaching sessions

Face-to-face coaching sessions begin with a conversation about the student’s writing context and goals for the meeting. The coach and student discuss the student’s ideas, read anything the student has written so far, and try out writing strategies and resources to help the student move forward on this project, while also gaining tools and knowledge that will be useful in the future. Coaches serve as friendly, highly-trained readers and sounding boards rather than as editors. Students can visit just one time to get feedback on a particular piece of writing or meet regularly with a coach.

Online coaching sessions

Online coaching sessions also focus on the student’s questions and concerns, but they take place asynchronously. Students fill out a web form to share their assignments and drafts. They explain what is going well (or not so well) so far in the writing process and what they’d like the coach to focus on. A coach reads the submission and writes a letter in response, sharing feedback, questions, strategies, and links to relevant online tips and videos. Students can work through these comments at their own pace and are welcome to submit revised drafts, though there’s no guarantee the same coach will respond.

Online tips and tools

Online tips and tools are available for free any time a student is seeking writing support. Our more than 100 handouts and videos address a broad range of writing-related topics. Examples include thesis statements, commas, procrastination, lab reports, incorporating quotations, and writing in academic disciplines like philosophy, anthropology, and art history. The videos illustrate practical techniques for brainstorming, creating an outline, proofreading, making drafts more clear and concise, and more. Students and teachers throughout North Carolina–and throughout the world–have praised our materials as accessible, relevant, accurate, and fun.

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