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The Writing and Learning Center

Connect Your Students with Writing and Learning Center Resources

Over half of all undergraduates utilize the Writing & Learning Center while at Carolina, and they do so voluntarily. Students often first hear about Writing or Learning Center support from a faculty member or instructor who mentions the free service in class or in a Sakai announcement. Currently, all services are fully available. Consider how you might invite student to take advantage of these opportunities:

Link to the Writing and Learning Center in your Sakai Course landscape

The Writing Center and the Learning Center each have tabs you can add to your course’s Sakai site. To add the tabs, follow these steps:

  1. Select Site Info from the left hand menu.
  2. Select Edit Tools from the top options under the title of your Sakai site.
  3. Check the box next to Writing Center on the alphabetical list of tools.
  4. Check the box next to Learning Center on the alphabetical list of tools.
  5. Scroll to the bottom of the page and click Continue.
  6. Click Finish to complete adding the Writing Center tab and the Learning Center tab to your Sakai site.

Include a paragraph describing the Writing Center and/or Learning Center in your syllabus

Feel free to copy and paste these blurbs into your course landscape:

    Writing Center
    For feedback on any course writing projects, check out UNC’s Writing Center. Writing Center coaches can assist with any writing project, including multimedia projects and application essays, at any stage of the writing process. You don’t even need a draft to come visit. To schedule a 45-minute appointment, review quick tips, or request written feedback online, visit
    Learning Center
    Want to get the most out of this course or others this semester? Visit UNC’s Learning Center at Their free, popular programs will help you optimize your academic performance: academic coaching, peer tutoring, STEM support, ADHD/LD services, workshops and study camps, and tips and tools.

Assign or link to Writing or Learning Center Tips & Tools

Faculty members around the country use Writing and Learning Center materials as teaching tools.

If you point students to the Writing and Learning Center webpages to find these resources, students may take further advantage of coaching opportunities available to them. Here’s a helpful link that consolidates useful tips for remote learning and helps students design an effective remote academic life:

Request a classroom visit

The Writing and Learning Center would be happy to visit your class to deliver a short, friendly introduction to our services. If you would like to request that a coach or staff member visit your class, please complete a request form. Whether you request a visit from the Writing Center or from the Learning Center, you have the option of requesting an introduction to both Writing and Learning Center services.

Share a video introduction to Writing and Learning Center services

Here’s a quick video about what’s available described by one of our student coaches:

Sharing this video may encourage students to take advantage of Writing and Learning services.

Recommend Writing Coaching, Academic Coaching, or Peer Tutoring in a live class or on your Sakai announcement page

During a coaching or tutoring session, conversation focuses on skills and strategies students can use now and in the future. Students can meet with a coach or tutor for 45 minutes or receive written feedback online. All students visit voluntarily, and they can do so at any point in the semester.

Connect students to ADHD/LD support

Two of the Learning Center’s academic coaches specialize in supporting students with ADHD and other learning differences. Through coaching, these students gain insight into their learning differences so they can develop the strategies necessary for success. Learn more about the Learning Center’s ADHD/LD support for students:

Support multilingual writers

Our English language specialists at the Writing Center support academic and social communication for students and scholars at UNC whose first language is not English. If teaching international students remotely, consider consulting this helpful guide:

Learn more about the Writing Center’s support for international students:

Want to learn more about faculty resources available from the Writing and Learning Center?

Email us at or Review the Writing Center Faculty FAQ.